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How to Develop Private Label for Your Store
01:30 - 02:30 MBCC - 2nd Level: Buyer's Suite SURF C/D/E

Why should you consider private label for your store? Retail expert and author Mercedes Gonzalez will walk us through every step of the process from sourcing for efficiency and working with a factory, to pricing, shipping, and marketing. Come learn the ins and outs of this important opportunity and see if it’s the right move for your business.

Speaker: Mercedes Gonzalez, President, GLOBAL PURCHASING COMPANIES

The Secrets of Online Success for Retailers - NEW!
02:00 - 03:00 MBCC - 2nd Level: Buyer's Suite REEF B/C

For brick and mortar retailers, e-commerce and online sales can be seen as the great unknown. For others, they’re scared into thinking it’s the only way to survive. But is online for you? Josh Orr of Streamline Retail will walk us through the strategies that in-store retailers use not just to compete, but beat online retailers at their own game. You’ll walk away with proven marketing tactics for taking your business online, tips for growing your e-commerce business, and helpful insights as to whether online retail is really right for you.


Trail Mixer
02:00 - 06:00 MBCC: Booth #71313

Feel like you are in power save mode? It’s afternoon recharge time and we’ve got what you need at our build-your-own-snack trail mix bar. Pick from a “mixed bag” assortment and don’t forget to grab a SoBe Lifewater. Back to 100% until happy hour! Until supplies last.

The Pillars of eCommerce Success: How to Thrive Online in 2020 and Beyond
03:30 - 04:30 MBCC - 2nd Level: Buyer's Suite SURF C/D/E

The 3 biggest hurdles in e-commerce growth are traffic, sales (online conversion), and customer loyalty (retention). Do you know how to overcome these blocks? Learn how the top online retailers use social, email, and ads to drive business; offer superior customer service to create raving fans; and keep people coming back for more in this eye-opening seminar from Josh Orr!


Avoid Overspending on Inventory! - NEW!
04:00 - 05:00 MBCC - 2nd Level: Buyer's Suite REEF B/C

Open-to-buy is a tool that, in the hands of a fully committed retailer, will profoundly improve finances. But some do not know what it is, let alone how to manage it. In this entertaining and eye-opening seminar, Paul Erickson will teach you exactly what an open-to-buy is (and if all retailers need it), how to spot sales patterns and predict consumer demand, why “less is more” when planning stock, how to maximize merchandise freshness + more must-know factors that will help you optimize your inventory and increase profits.

Speaker: Paul Erickson, MANAGEMENT ONE

How to Dramatically Increase Sales Without Relying on More Foot Traffic - NEW!
05:00 - 06:00 MBCC - 2nd Level: Buyer's Suite REEF B/C

Join retail strategist, Janine Mix, as she defies the concept of foot traffic! Learn the avoidable mistake that 90% of retailers make when the customer walks through the door, the #1 advantage your brick-and-mortar has over online competitors (and how to leverage it), the 3 customer personality types you need to know (and how to turn each one into your BFF), and more simple ways to increase your profits without expensive marketing campaigns or new customers.


Pensole Activation
09:00 - 10:00 MBCC: PROJECT Show Entrance
Daily Happenings

Join shoe concept creator and original Pensole Footwear Academy student, Jared Fiorovich, as he demonstrates the fascinating process of shoe-making—all by hand, no machines. Jared and his assistants will demonstrate a start-to-finish cobbler process, all three days of the show in this creative and educational activation. Custom shoes created onsite by Jared will be available for purchase OR commission your own bespoke pair of shoes to receive after the show. Run, don’t walk as these custom shoes will be in high demand with limited availability!

ReTreat Yourself
09:00 - 10:00 MBCC: Booth #74714
Daily Happenings

Afterall, you earned it, beautiful. Touch up your hair or makeup and enjoy a well-deserved beauty break at this spa-inspired show floor getaway. Compliments of WWDMAGIC and FN PLATFORM.

eCom Products Group Photo Shoot
09:00 - 06:00 MBCC: Level 1 Lobby
Daily Happenings

Picture yourself on the cover of a magazine with eCom Products Group and ELLE magazine. Stop by their photo studio in the Level 1 lobby of the convention center, adjacent to Starbucks, to have your personal photo shoot and take your turn as a cover model. Upload to your social media and show everyone your part of who’s who at MAGIC.

Expert Tips from a Successful Boutique Owner - NEW!
09:30 - 10:30 MBCC - 2nd Level: Buyer's Suite REEF B/C

Anyone that says you can’t make money in boutique fashion is WRONG! Take it from Ashley Alderson, fashion guru and founder of The Boutique Hub. Get all of her secrets for getting more done with less stress including her 4-part to-do list, the 6 essential pieces of social, and Ashley’s content sanity method—all catered toward the boutique owner’s needs and lifestyle. Attendees will walk away with the must-have resources and checklists that help make her business a success. Don’t miss out!

Speaker: Ashley Alderson, CEO, THE BOUTIQUE HUB

Retail Bootcamp 101: 5 Non-Negotiable Elements of Running a Successful Retail Business - NEW!
09:30 - 10:30 MBCC - 2nd Level: Buyer's Suite SURF C/D/E

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, Sara Burks knows a thing or two about running a successful retail business. From bookkeeping and team-building tips to time and energy management secrets (and more!), learn all about the 5 non-negotiables for retail success and how you can implement them to take your company to new heights.

Speaker: Sara Burks, Director, THE BOUTIQUE HUB

Unlock the Secrets to Increasing Average Sales and Customer Loyalty - NEW!
11:00 - 12:00 MBCC - 2nd Level: Buyer's Suite REEF B/C

Learn the newest selling techniques that have tremendous power to improve your store’s performance! Dan will also share the customer service skills every retailer needs including how to design a selling system that moves the customer around product categorization, create focus with your buying strategy, and the 6 steps of the selling cycle that complete the needs analysis.

Speaker: Dan Holman, MANAGEMENT ONE

5 Ways Sustainable Efforts Can Help Retailers Increase Sales to GenZ, Millennials, and All Customers - NEW!
11:30 - 12:30 MBCC - 2nd Level: Buyer's Suite SURF C/D/E

Consumers are increasingly choosing to make purchases based on socially good actions from retailers—including sustainability. From how sustainability helps shape your brand story, to ways sustainable in-store merchandising and marketing efforts impact customer choices, to identifying best practices that directly influence sustainable organizations, Mother Nature, and customers alike—leveraging the importance of sustainability in your retail strategy is a must. Not only can these actions help you increase the attention of GenX and Millennial customers, but it can also help you strengthen sales. Join Retail Minded’s Founder, Author, Shop Small Spokesperson from American Express and globally recognized retail thought leader Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, as she unveils actionable insights for retailers to incorporate sustainable efforts into their retail actions.

Speaker: Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Founder, RETAIL MINDED

MAGIC Ask Me Staff Uniforms
12:00 - 12:00 MBCC: Levels 1 & 6

Questions? Need help navigating the floor? Talk to one of our friendly staff who would be happy to help answer any questions. Look for them dressed in uniforms provided by our sponsors, Goorin Bros and Crooks & Castles.

Shifting Social Media Marketing Strategies for Retailers in 2020 - NEW!
12:30 - 01:30 MBCC - 2nd Level: Buyer's Suite REEF B/C

As consumers are shifting from mass-market buying to more niche or artisan buying, the long tail strategy allows retailers to realize significant profits by selling hard-to-find items to many customers. What is a long-tail marketing strategy and how do you leverage long-tail influencers? Do long-tail keywords have higher conversion rates? How do you shift focus from the attention economy and mass-audience strategy to smaller niche groups with unified interests? And how can all of this positively impact your business? Come find out from renowned retail expert, Dan Jablons!